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August 23, 2018
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January 16, 2019

How to Find a Reliable Sourcing Company Overseas

“How to Find a Reliable Sourcing Company Overseas” Overseas Sourcing Companies can help to reduce your production cost substantially. This can be a sound Business move as the Consumers will directly benefit from it and the response would be in form of improved revenue and sales. However, certain factors must be kept in mind while choosing the right sourcing partner-

Product Quality: Outsourcing or low product cost doesn’t mean an inferior product. Physical verification and regular quality checks help to keep things going.

Referrals: Strong and good referrals help gain good Business. You may choose to use Social Networks for wider references. Agent China is the most popular outsourcing destination of all.

Agents & Directories: Free online Directories of Agents and Suppliers can be a helpful source. Even sites as Indiamart, Aliexpress offer a neutral and unlimited number of databases.

Keep Updated: Keeping abreast with the latest changes in Legislations, Foreign Policies, Currency fluctuations, and Rules & Regulations can be deciding factors to compare and finalize Sources.

Do-it-yourself: Hold Skype meetings, check Legal stand & compatibility, visit the Outsource Company physically, check their Products. These steps alone can decide the right Vendor for you.

Paperwork: Ground rule. A large part of these deals is made virtually. Both the parties need to pour every minute details e.g. Product specification, delivery time, lead time, payment terms, escape clauses, confidentiality agreement in Legal Documents.

Following these fundamentals will ensure a seamless journey of your product from ideation to launch.



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