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June 15, 2018
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10 Promotional Items to Spice up your Branding Game

Promotion is an indispensable part of Branding, and what’s better than gifting promotional products that are actually usable!

With Online Global Trading & Sourcing Company like Agent China, gifting can be all the more fun and easy. Here is a list of ten promotional products that can spice up your Branding game:

  1. Travel Mugs: For the cosmopolitan professional traveling is an integral part of the corporate job. What can be more useful than a travel mug that could make his life a little easier? Opt for travel mugs in interesting colours (you can contact Agent China- the Amazon Seller Sourcing Service provider) and brand stamp it with your company’s logo.
  2. Water bottles: Scorching heat or humid weather, everybody needs water. Gifting classy water bottles with the company logo and initials can be a great idea. Imagine people viewing your brand name everywhere the bottle owner takes it. You can bulk order water bottles at Agent China –the best product sourcing company.
  3. Mini Fans: Gifting a cute little mini fan that sit cutely on office desk quietly, spreading your brand name, is a great idea. This USB or battery powered fans make cute showpieces and can fit into a pocket easily. Cool air wherever you go! And you have Agent China- the best sourcing company to ease your troubles of bulk ordering.
  4. Sunglasses: Intense heat and sunlight do call for pretty sunglasses. They make a great promotional gift. Just get your brand’s logo engraved on it and you are good to go.
  5. Waterproof mobile pouches: Monsoon makes you extra cautious for two things- skin and your cell phone. While a good sunscreen saves skin from several troubles you do need something similar for your mobile too. Promotional gifting of waterproof mobile pouches personalized to represent your brand is also a great idea to create brand awareness this monsoon.
  6. Bottle opener keychains: Summers call in for soda drink or beer anytime you feel hot under the sun. Gifting a personalized bottle opener keychain is a really nice idea to spread your brand in a couple way. Remember, Agent China- the best product sourcing company is here to solve your worries. Bulk order!
  7. Lip Balm Kits: Win the hearts of ladies by gifting a personalized lip balm. Summers bake the lips really bad and a cute little lip balm that fits in a purse is just the perfect gift.
  8. Sunscreen: Summer, beaches, and sunscreen are a complete package so why not gift a sunscreen and get your brand visible within the masses. Agent China- the Amazon seller sourcing service provider sources sunscreens in bulk at affordable prices.
  9. Towels: Agent China, the product sourcing company, sources personalized towels on bulk for corporate gifting. With the season of vacations just around the corner, don’t miss a single opportunity to cash on the traveller’s promotion through promotional gifting.
  10. Yoga mats: Whether it is a fitness class or a beach, yoga mats come in handy as they are easy to carry, compact sized and comfortable. Keep in touch- 13612996671  

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